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In Memoriam

Anarchie auf Rädern

Diese Seite ist Softkill gewidmet, meinem Computerclub in den guten alten Zeiten.

Der Spruch "Anarchie auf Rädern" geht auf Wolfgang `wosch´ Schnabel zurück, seines Zeichens Redakteur der Zeitschrift RUN.

Meine grüße gehen an Piet, wo auch immer Du sein magst.

This Page is dedicated to Softkill, my Computer Club in the good old days.

The Club was formed in the early '80s and existed over 10 years. It was named after software which is killing your time (or life *g*), thus "Softkill". The name was first published in the Commodore C64 magazine RUN.

Other SOFTKILL resources on The Web:

Related resources on The Web (please note the SPC in the names, thus the domains should read www.soft-kill.com etc. and thus does not collide with my domain here):

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